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Looking for experienced truck driver? Want to find the perfect choice?
Do it thru Truckersky!

Thanks to our app your job offer will reach wide variety of truck drivers. All Truckersky users will see your posting on the map.

Fill out the form and send it to and we will contact you within 24 hours to go over the details.

For the first two weeks your job offer will be visible on the map at no charge to you!
After that you pay as little as 30 PLN netto per week
Try it out today and post your ad with Truckersky!

How will your ad look like on our mobile application?

  • All truck drivers that will be close to your business location will see your ad on a map.
  • We can add more than one location for your ad to be visible for users.
  • After clicking job post icon on the map your ad will show details of job description and your contact information!

Truckersky manages your ad in the App. We post it to our map and fill out the details. We do not hire outside company and don’t take any advantages for your post. We give you access to our wide database of users.

With any questions regarding this process contact us at and we will gladly answer your concerns.

Welcome to Truckersky!