For mobile mechanics

Are you a mobile mechanic? Do you have your mobile workshop? Do you want to reach out to the wide range of clients? Do you want driver, in case of accident, to contact you? Show yourself in Truckersky!

Truckersky application is aimed to the thousands professional truckers. Each day we help them in everyday job. It is known fact that unfortunately accidents happen and the most important is to get technical help as fast as possible. When you are visible on the Truckersky map, your localization will be updated all the time and the driver in the neighborhood of your workshop will contact you!

That's all for as little as 25 PLN netto per month.

How will you be visible on the map?

On our map we present many points and one of them can be you – pinned as a “mobile mechanic”. You just set up normal account in the application and we give your user a special icon. When you move, your localization is upload to the server and your localization is updated on the map all the time. The driver who has a problem can check mobile mechanics in the neighborhood and may directly contact them. Here our role is over. We do not mediate in services, we do not get any advantages – we just give you an access to the thousands of users that everyday cross you.
Thanks to Truckersky you will become visible for them!

With any questions regarding this process contact us at and we will gladly answer your concerns.

Welcome to Truckersky!